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          about us
          We specialise in Web Development,
          Ecommerce, SEO and social branding.

          Our professionals work closely and carefully to comprehend customers’ marketing needs and develop the best services that meets their marketing goals.

          Website Design
          NEWPAGES Partners with clients to design a website that performs in the Digital marketing platforms, where Design meets Demand.
          Google SEO
          We provide marketing strategies and solutions to optimise and manage companies′ complete Digital Presence.
          App Development
          Our business is to develop our clients’ Digital Business, through all possibilities of One-touch promotional tool.
          Internet - A Door For Unlimited Possibility and Toughest Competition
          ++ Active Customer
          over Malaysia
          Maximize Online
          Years of
          % of website Traffic and
          Click-Through Rate (CTR) increase
          AVG Daily
          Unique Visitor
          Our Clients
          We cherish and respect our clients & partners.
          Every project is a labor of love!
          What our clients say


          All Security Technology Sdn.Bhd.'s Logo

          All Security Technology Sdn.Bhd. produces security and automation systems such as cctv, electric doors, automatic doors and smart homes. The company found Newpages and set up a new website in 2011 and has received many foreign orders, and has been manufacturing OEM products for several years.

          All Security Technology Sdn.Bhd.

          William Tai

          Stunning Curtain's Logo

          Stunning Curtain has 5 years of history, mainly doing interior decoration including curtains, wallpaper, flooring, carpet, and decoration services. After making the website, not only Selangor customers found them.Even other area have customers starting to contact them, and also done some major projects.

          Stunning Curtain

          Eric Law

          Grand Meltique Food Trading Sdn.Bhd. 's Logo

          Grand Meltique Food Trading Sdn.Bhd. was established for 5 years.Through this website, many foreign manufacturers came to us and wanted us to become their agents and distributors in Malaysia.Usually after uploading a product, there is a high level of inquiry within a month, and the salesperson just needs to follow up.

          Grand Meltique Food Trading Sdn.Bhd.


          First Multi Ever Corporation Sdn. Bhd.'s Logo

          Our company was founded in 2006 and has a history of 10 years.The main business is to do some automated supply and maintenance.With NEWPAGES, our business volume has increased three to four times.Now our queries come from all over the world, and the probability of transaction is as high as 50-60%.

          First Multi Ever Corporation Sdn. Bhd.

          Mr. Mah

          Siang Fatt Sdn.Bhd.'s Logo

          Our company was established in 1985, mainly engaged in wholesale, trading of plywood and timber trade. The main customer groups are construction and home furnishings. Until 2012, the entire website was handed over to NEWPAGES. This has also led many customers to contact us, our business increased by 100%.

          Siang Fatt Sdn.Bhd.


          Culmi Air-Cond & Refrigeration Parts Supply Sdn Bhd's Logo

          We are in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, such as parts and tools, air conditioners, and air-conditioning engineering. I want the website to replace the salesperson. NEWPAGES has given me a lot of business contacts, and business networking has increased our turnover. In 2012, the website accounted for 20% of the business, and in 2016 it was already 50%.

          Culmi Air-Cond & Refrigeration Parts Supply Sdn Bhd

          Mr. Beh

          Business Portal

          The Business Portal for Malaysia! Search for thousands of quality Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters, Importers, Buyers, Wholesalers, Products and Services.

          Get more exposures & business Opportunity through NEWPAGES Platform.

          Malaysia No.1
          Business Portal
          Daily Visitors
          Company Listing
          Register Members
          130,000 Total
          Search in 12 Months

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